It is a privilege to invite you to our homepage, Korean Society for Dialysis Access (KSDA). The objects of this homepage are to share our latest information and introduce our Society between Korean and international dialysis access specialists.

 KSDA has established on 2002 after inaugural symposium on Sept. 15th, and it has been running a key role of the best management for the dialysis access in Korea. The society is composed of multidisciplinary collaboration - nephrologists, vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and nurses - they are proactively cooperated with each other not only in their hospital but also for KSDA. Annual scientific congress has been holding successfully in Seoul usually in spring season for all the members including nurses, and from 2014 another scientific meeting was started for only physician to share latest academic information.

 Many pioneers in KSDA have been contributing academic development and they have been inventing something new in dialysis access procedures. Kun Eun Kim, Hee Bal Lee, Jang Sang Park, Suk Hee Yoo, Chul Mun, Mun Jae Kim, all the names are past presidents of KSDA, their contribution and dedication were definitely promoted our Society.

 KSDA is still growing up in academic and social activities. Dialysis Access Practice Guidelines have been published on 2013, and KSDA members are really enjoying our annual congress meeting at the spring time. It is our domestic meeting not only for Vascular Access doctors but also nurses who are working with us.

 For the future development of our Society, we need more bond and more collaborations in each AP countries. Those will stimulate each domestic growth. Encourage international exchange - such as joint symposium, inviting more AP doctors to their domestic congresses, developing exchange education programs for young doctors, etc

 KSDA has been inviting international speakers in our scientific congresses, and also KSDA encourages our members to take part in A-P regional society meetings as a speaker or contributor etc. Now, KSDA is supporting our members who want to participate in AP regional other society meetings.

 In addition, if you are having an opportunity to come to Seoul, it is one of the world's great historical cities where the traditional and the cutting edge exist in harmony, and enables visitors to combine culture with fun. With all this, I cordially recommend you to surf and enjoy our homepage and visit Korea to join us for our meeting and congresses.

Young Joo Kwon, MD., PhD.   President of KSDA